Strawberry cake low-carb

Strawberry cake low-carb

1100 g of raw material, which is approximately 10 servings, includes: Protein 74 g / Carbohydrates 97,4 g / Fat 251,8 g /
The ratio of fat: carbohydrates + protein = 1,46 : 1

= one serving, 110 g,  includes 9,7 g carbohydrates

(120 g sweede includes also 9,7 g carbohydrates:)


To compare the nutritional value of the same cake made ​​with flour, sugar and dairy:
from 1100 g raw materials consists of: Protein 85,36 g / Carbohydrates 366,9 g / Fat 108,79 g /
The ratio of fat: carbohydrates + protein = 0.24: 1 



Paleo pastry and cakes are very interesting, because they contain much less carbohydrates than normal product. Moreover they contain only simple carbohydrates, which are easily digestible and do not cause the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestines as can do it polysaccharides (flours, starches).
Our low-carb products contains only nuts, seeds, eggs, fruits, vegetables. They are sweetened bz fresh or dry fruit and honey, sometimes also of chocolate 90%.
Their low-carb properties are suitable for slimming diet, SCD, Paleo, Gluten free, some also for Ketogenic diet. All products are dairy free.